With the dreaded tax day upon us, we all have taxes on our mind. Preventing government from taking more than it needs from you and your family is always a battle. 

Since my election, I have remained firmly committed to fiscal responsibility and making government responsive to you “the Boss”. Fighting to protect your hard earned income has been a priority. 

Your support allowed me to successfully accomplish significant reforms:

Recently, Phoenix pushed a new municipal taxing district on a small downtown community without 50% of the property owners’ support. I worked with the State Legislature and we passed a new bill stopping this type of taxing abuse statewide. We protected small business owners from the overreach of big government. 

This was a win for the taxpayer…. but the battle continues on….

Phoenix is now pushing for a $42 MILLION PROPERTY TAX INCREASE. Phoenix has a $60 million dollar surplus and the highest revenue in city history, but wants more from hardworking citizens like yourself. 

Asking for help is always uncomfortable, but I need your help. 

Those wanting to stop these reforms and demanding more from you and your family have already targeted my race. 

Please donate today to my re-election campaign.  

My successful re-election will ensure you have a voice looking out for you and your family!

 Contribute today to my campaign so I can continue protecting YOU!



From my family to yours,

Councilman Sal DiCiccio

Donations can also be made by visiting www.salforcitycouncil.com, mailing a check to: DiCiccio for City Council, P.O. BOX 34231, Phoenix, AZ 85067.

Maximum contribution is $6,250 per individual and $12,500 per couples. Contributions and gifts to DiCiccio for City Council are not tax deductible. Election Law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address and employer for all contributors whose contributions exceeds $200 in an election cycle.